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Presentation of the Course of Computer Science

The course of Bachelors in Computer Science aims at theoretical and practical training in computer or information technology . The training covers the student's understanding of the scientific field of computing that enable its application in solving problems of society and the development of knowledge and technologies that enable the evolution of computing.

It is understood that the field of computing is made ​​up of specific areas of knowledge , with their contents , which can be distributed in different subjects . Among the areas of expertise that characterize computing include:

- Computing , Algorithms and Programming

- Programming Languages ​​and Compilers

- Operating Systems, Distributed Systems , Computer Networks and Parallel Systems

- Software Engineering , Requirements Engineering , Design and Software Specification

- Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems

- Information Systems and Databases

- Artificial Intelligence , Computer Graphics and Image Processing

- Human-Computer Interaction

The course provides a basic training in these fundamental concepts that can be deepened in areas of specific knowledge areas of computing according to the profile desired by the student . The training also covers the study of aspects of professional , ethical and social computing and other fields of knowledge , such as math, physics, economics , business, law and other , as proposed by the guidelines proposed by the Committee of Experts on education and Computer Science ( CEEInf ) of the Ministry of education .