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Buggy trips

One-day buggy trips are a classic form to visit our litoral. There will be a company representative of our partner Ecobuggy at the conference location if you want to book such trip. In case you arrive early or are willing to make an early reservation, please contact The company has selected english-speaking drivers to better serve the conference attendees.

South coast: Natal-Pipa

At 9:00, the buggy picks you up at your hotel or residence. The trip includes the following attractions:

  • Pirangi: the world's biggest cashew tree on a 8400 m2 area;
  • Buzius dunes: the buggy can do some exciting driving on the dunes, with a lot of emotions and the view over there is really marvelous panoramic sight seeing of the Tabatinga beach where dolphins may be seen;
  • Arituba lake with its calm waters, surrounded of coconut trees and a lot of local and protected animals;
  • The hollow rock of the Barreta Beach;
  • Arriving at the totally desert beach of Malemba, we'll cross the estuary « Guarairas » on a raft;
  • Historical village of Tibaú do Sul, where you'll take some marvellous pictures of the landscape; this village was formerly inhabited by the terrible cannibal Indians called Janduis and, further on, by Dutch invasors;
  • The beautiful beach of « cacimbinha» , with dunes and cliffs;
  • the « Madeiro» Beach;
  • the village of Pipa, its beach , its cliffs;
  • the desert « love beach» ;
  • Cliffs, high and 6-long, near Pipa, witness of the split of the continents; this place is as well a protected area for the reproduction of the sea turtles.

The cost of the trip is R$240,00 and can be shared by up to four persons.

North coast: Natal-Muriú

At 9:00, the buggy picks you up at your hotel or residence. The trip includes the following attractions:

  • Coastroad of Natal and different beaches (Praia de Areia Preta, Praia do Morcego, Praia dos Artistas, Praia do Meio, Praia do Forte);
  • Raft across the river Potengi, an important place in the history of the town;
  • Praia ( Beach) da Redinha: the local handcraft is well appreciated;
  • Praia de Santa Rita;
  • Praia de Genipabu and its amazing dunes;
  • Crossing of the river Ceará-mirim on a little raft
  • Praia de Pitangui with well-known dunes and lakes
  • The dunes of the « Angel Desert» and the « Silence Valley» : this place is really a paradisiac one, of difficult access; over there, you really must taste the « best caipinrinha of the world» , made with exclusive local forest fruits;
  • Dunes of Jacumã: we'll stop to do some beach activities (optional , individual cost) : « skibunda» e « aerobunda»
  • Lunch on the beach of Muriú.

The cost of the trip is R$240,00 and can be shared by up to four persons.

Optional: Cabo de São Roque (the nearest point to Africa and Europe-the « corner of the continent» ). There you'll see the love tree and you'll have one the most beautiful view of all the coast side , called « Visual de Ponta Gorda» . ( service and price extra , on request).

Special activities

The undergraduate students of UFRN have prepared some special activities to make you discover the culture and nature of Natal and surroundings. You will be able to make reservations for these activities at the event desk.


The local organization of SBMF endorses the following restaurants:

Cipó Brasil Pizzaria.
Specialties: Pizzas and Pancakes (crepes)
Telefone: 3219-5227
Address: Rua Aristides Porpino Filho, 3111 Ponta Negra, Cep: 59090-720
Specialties: Japanese, International
Telefone: 3219-2002
Address: Via Costeira (towards Ponta Negra).


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