Program (technical and social) is available.

Satellite Events

GCM 2006
Workshop on Graph Computation Models
Contact: M. Mosbah, Y. Métivier (Bordeaux, France)
GraBaTs 2006
International Workshop on Graph-Based Tools
Contact: Albert Zuendorf (Kassel, Germany), Daniel Varró (Budapest, Hungary)
Gra-Tra Tutorial
Tutorial on Foundations and Applications of Graph Transformation
Contact: Reiko Heckel (Leicester, UK)
Petri Nets and Graph Transformations 2006
Contact: Paolo Baldan (Venice, Italy), Hartmut Ehrig (Berlin, Germany)
SeTra 2006
3rd Workshop on Software Evolution through Transformations: Model-based vs. Implementation-level Solutions
Contact: Reiko Heckel (Leicester, UK)